Sunday, October 9, 2016

LUNASOL Holiday 2016: Party Coffret & Holiday Makeup Collection

Kanebo LUNASOL will release limited-edition makeup collection for Holiday 2016. Party Coffret will be out on November 4th and the other items will be out on November 11th.

LUNASOL Party Coffret 2016

A limited-edition makeup set. It contains: an eyeshadow palette, a face powder/blusher compact, a lip balm, a pencil eyeliner and mini bag. All items are exclusive to this set.

(cr. vocemagazine)

-LUNASOL Party Eyes 2016 / EX01 Gold Nuance Brown
An eyeshadow palette that contains 6 brown shades in gradation from light to dark, with gorgeous gold lights.

-LUNASOL Face & Blush Color / EX01 Ivory Pink
A 3-shade pressed powder for face and cheek to promote rosy, healthy luminosity.

-LUNASOL Lip Color Balm / EX01 Shiny Sheer Pink
-LUNASOL Shiny Pencil Eyeliner
-LUNASOL Original Pouch

You can order LUNASOL Party Coffret 2016 at
LUNASOL's Party Coffret is always quite popular, I'm sure it'll be completely sold out on the day of releases this year as well. Don't forget to pre-order yours if you don't want to miss!

LUNASOL Gold Nuance Eyes

Duo eyeshadow available in 3 shades.


You can order LUNASOL Gold Nuance Eyes at

LUNASOL Coloring Creamy Cheeks

EX02 Natural Beige (Limited Edition)
You can order LUNASOL Coloring Creamy Cheeks EX02 Natural Beige at

LUNASOL Coloring Lip Compact

Limited edition lip palette. Available in two variations but can't find good pic of EX02 yet.

EX01 Coral Red Collection
EX02 Pink Rose Collection

You can order LUNASOL Coloring Lip Compact at

LUNASOL Sheer Light Gloss

Two LE colors.
EX02 Warm Pink Beige
EX03 Nuance Red

You can order LUNASOL Sheer Light Gloss EX02 Warm Pink Beige & EX03 Nuance Red at

LUNASOL Shiny Nuance Liner

Limited edition pencil eyeliner. Available in two colors but can't find good picture of EX02.

EX01 Grayish Gold
EX02 Brownish Mauve

You can order LUNASOL Shiny Nuance Liner at

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