Sunday, July 31, 2016

SUQQU Autumn/Winter 2016 Makeup Collection

SUQQU will release Autumn/Winter 2016 Makeup Collection on August 5th, 2016 (already available exclusively for pre-sale at Isetan Shinjuku and Umeda Hankyu)

SUQQU Extra Glow Lipstick

10 Shades, 2 Limited Edition Shades

A unique blend of seven oils helps your lips to appear plump with a natural glow. Highly pigmented (*), non-pearl formula creates vibrant & refined lips. (* Except for EX-01 and EX-02 which have sheer coverage & balm-like texture).

You can purchase SUQQU Extra Glow Lipstick at

SUQQU Deep Nuance Eyes

5 Limited Edition Shades

Soufflé-like creamy eyeshadows easily glide on the eyelids to create a radiant coverage that subtly defines the eyes. It contains resilient silicone gel that flexes like a cushion, to form a veil over the eyelids that moves along with skin, enhancing a smooth, flawless, long-lasting finish while preventing the eyeshadow settling in fine lines or creases.

You can purchase SUQQU Deep Nuance Eyes at

SUQQU Pure Color Blush

5 Shades, 1 Limited Edition Shade

A collection of six blushers consisting of beautifully gradated two tones - a subtle glow & a bright pop of colour. Formulated with translucent, finely-grained powder particles which don’t cover or hide our carefully selected pigments, the colour shows up pure, true & vibrant on skin.

An infusion of a generous amount of emollient oils allows a smooth, non-powdery finish that seamlessly blends into skin. Pigments are coated in amino acid derivatives, that are similar to skin’s natural moisture, so the Pure Color Blush promises a natural finish, not a blush sitting on top of the skin.

Swirl both colours together, or use them separately with the lighter shade as a wash of colour & the darker shade as a pop of colour on the apples of the cheeks. 

- Balancing Cheeks N was discontinued. It's now reformulated and repackaged to Pure Color Blush!

(credit: ontheeverglow)

You can purchase SUQQU Pure Color Blush at

SUQQU Gel Eyeliner Pencil

1 New Shade, 1 Limited Edition Shade

The blend of oils allows an effortless, smooth application on the delicate eyelid, whether to draw a line along the lash line or fill gaps between lashes. It creates a waterproof film that fits tightly to the skin and helps the colour last for hours.

It is double-ended, with an eyeliner pencil at one end & a felt tip at the other end for smudging.

You can purchase SUQQU Gel Eyeliner Pencil at

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow in EX-32 RENGAZOME

Limited Edition

A limited edition Brick-red palette added to SUQQU's bestseller Blend Color Eyeshadow. Comprising a matte brown that adds intensity, a featured red brick with subtle shimmer, velvety textured pearly olive and gold, the quad offers varying levels of red pigments to create unique definition.

You can purchase SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow EX-32 RENGAZOME at
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